For our impeccable safety record, CHEVRON PHILLIPS awards BFIM "Year 2016 Contractor Safety Excellence Award"...

Industrial Division

Energy Conservation

Heat & sound are forms of energy. And since energy is a resource, wastage of energy MUST be minimized. The unwanted dissipation of energy is prevented through application of Insulation..

Thermal Insulation plays an important role in every Process / Manufacturing plant from view point of "Energy Conservation". In applications like hot / cold insulation properly designed "Insulation System" can achieve any of the targets set through a focused "Energy Conservation" program implementing the designed insulation system through scientific erection practices at actual work site is the key to achieving these goals. Our experience of more than 35 years in this field has taught us a number of Do's and Don'ts imparting unbeatable application expertise to our site personnel.

Correct Application at site is the major aspect of our business model. We have extended these services to a number of our clients where they have achieved targeted results. We also offer Annual maintenance service to most of our larger clients.

Applications handled by us range from -200°C up to 1450°C and can provide you all the necessary Technical back-up in regard to selection of materials and ancillaries which are most important for a proper "Insulation System". We provide these technical back-ups as part of our turnkey solutions, which include supply and application.

Our commitment towards assisting industry to arrest of energy loss has been one of the spearheading causes to place us in the leading position. Today the company offers a wide range of services coupled with the state of the art products (Insulation & Allied) to meet the most varied and stringent demands of the Industry at large.


  Maintaining Project Specifications.

  Following the highest Safety norms

  Ensuring the highest Quality Standards

  Ensuring overall Economy to Users

  Delivering on time


  Expansion and new build projects insulation contracts: when insulation is required for new piping and equipment either at a new plant or expansion of capacity at existing plants

  Long form Maintenance contracts: characterized by a constant stream of low-moderate volume of periodic maintenance work at running plants.

  Shutdown Maintenance contracts: characterized by high intensity insulation maintenance work, with the time pressure of a plant shutdown.

  Sub-contracts: when a turnkey EPC contractor subcontracts the insulation work to us.

  Materials sales& supply: when only materials are required by the client.

  Installation only contracts: when materials are supplied by the client.



Thermal Insulation

Reduction of General Heat Loss (or Gain): To maintain process temperature OR when incorporated with Trace Heating applications. The Insulation thickness is usually determined by the principle of optimum economic cost.

Personnel Protection: By limiting the external surface temperature of a pipe, vessel or similar ‘jacket’.

Temperature Control: To preserve process conditions or to prevent excess temperature drops.

Prevention of Condensation: Forming on ducts and pipes, which may have a degenerative effect.


Reduction of Acoustic Howl

Reduction of Acoustic ‘Howl’: Caused by pipe vibration & high velocity process fluids or gases.

Personal Protection: To reduce danger of hearing impairment & increase ability to verbally communicate whilst Plant is operational.


Fire Insulation

FIRE INSULATION is another area of Insulation Technology. Fire insulation is a structural application performed in order to minimize possible losses of life and property resulting from fire.

BFIM provide a turnkey package of services including Technical Support, Material Selection, Product Installation, Quality Control & Maintenance Services, all conforming to the precise properties and performance requirements of a Customer’s specific application. With operating temperatures ranging from –450 deg F (-268 deg C) to 1200 deg F (650 deg C), BFIM Insulation Systems are characterized by a low thermal conductivity within a wide temperature range, operating within Specification over the lifetime of a Plant.

Insulation Materials & Accessories

Depending upon the type of Insulation System required, the range of Raw Materials used by BFIM is as follows:


Excellent thermal efficiency, high moisture resistance, strong, durable, non- corrosive, long life & minimal maintenance costs are the significant characteristics of a BFIM Insulation System.

Our Services


Hot Insulation is required for temperature exceeding 600C. It is required for chemical processes that need a certain process temperature to me maintained, and is applied so that heat is not lost and the external surface of the equipment is safe for workers.


This type of insulation is required when process temperature has to be maintained below the ambient temperature. It is applied to prevent cold temperature to increase / equalize with ambient


Extensive piping systems are a significant source of noise caused by moving liquids or gases. As the available space is limited and acceptable noise levels need to be ensured for working environments as well as for living quarters.


This is a combination of Hot & Cold Insulation where the process demands are for Hot & Cold Insulation, and the process lines and equipment are used for both purposes.


Anti-sweat insulation means to prevent condensation of atmospheric water vapor on the surface of pipe is called anti sweat insulation.

Our Suppliers

BFIM is the preferred supplier within Saudi Arabia for the Insulation & Jacketing Products manufactured by these Suppliers.

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