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Over 3 Decades BITCO has provided excellent services for Industrial Process control, & automation , used by industrial sectors including oil and gas, petrochemicals, power generation, water applications, steel industries, cement and utility companies

Instrumentation department provides initial feasibility & Engineering study on the equipment supply based on the end-user requirement and also provide installation & commissioning support with real time field & classroom training to the engineers if required by the end user.

Instrumentation department are exclusive solution provider for highly engineered companies as below:

KROHNE: Flow measuring instruments | Level measuring instruments | Temperature & pressure measuring instruments | Analytical instruments

METRIX: All types of Vibration instrument

PHASE DYNAMICS: BS&W analyzer (water Cut analyzer)

FLUENTA: Flare Gas Ultrasonic Flow measurement dedicatedly for Flares

TRADINCO: Calibration Instruments

TURCK: Industrial Automation Instruments

Various process parameters measurements like flow, level, pressure & temperature and analysis are the basic core requirement by any process team in order to supervise and maintain the plant stability & performance with productivity

In order to guarantee this for you, our instrumentation department has an team of experienced engineers working closely with highly engineered manufacturer from USA & Europe who continuously engaged in research into promising technologies for the future, in pursuit of improved measurement and further developments in order to bring you highly innovative products from a single source, and tailor-made technical solutions to your measurement requirements, now and in the future.




With more than 50 years of service, METRIX is the preferred supplier of industrial vibration monitoring systems and services to many of the world’s leading manufacturers and users of cooling towers, gas turbines, generators, pumps, motors, fans, reciprocating compressors, and other rotating machinery. With headquarters in Houston, Texas, we operate in more than 40 countries via factory-direct sales and service professionals, along with a strategic network of instrumentation partners.

We pioneered the concept of simple, affordable machinery protection with our mechanical vibration switch offerings, revolutionary 4-20mA vibration transmitters, robust high-temperature velocity sensors, and innovative impact transmitter technology.

Recently, we introduced a way for our customers to monitor radial vibration, thrust or shaft speed using a single device. Our new Digital Proximity System (DPS) combines the performance of a fully API 670 compliant eddy-current proximity measurement system with the flexibility of digital configurability. DPS saves our customers time and money.

Metrix continuously works with our customers to provide the best solution to meet their requirements.

SETPOINT DPS (Digital Proximity System)

Our revolutionary Digital Proximity System (DPS) eliminates the need for dozens of different drivers and transmitters by a single, field-configurable package that can be set to work with probes and cables from a variety of manufacturers. The DPS consists of a probe, an extension cable, and a driver or transmitter.

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  Fully API 670 compliant

  Programmable for either radial vibration, axial position, or speed measurements

  Available as 3-wire voltage mode probe driver or as 4-20mA output transmitter

  Many special material calibrations available as standard options

  ETLc, ATEX, and IECEx, compatible with intrinsically safe and non-incendive apparatus

  Features VibeLock™* and Triaxial cable connectors on New MX8030 probes and MX8031 extension cables

  Probes and cables are compatible with Bently Nevada®** and other major manufacturers, and all monitoring systems

Seismic Transmitters & Sensors

Seismic vibration instrumentation is used to measure structural vibration on bearing housings, piping, machinery housings, and machine support structures. It is particularly suitable for machinery with rolling-element bearings. These types of bearings will generally transmit both shaft-and bearing-related vibration to the outside of the machine where it can be detected by seismic measurements.


Seismic sensors provide a dynamic AC signal output in mV/g or mV/in/sec. Devices with this type of output are generally intended for connection to a stand-alone vibration monitoring system rather than general automation and control instrumentation like a PLC or DCS. Metrix offers seismic sensors with a wide variety operating temperatures, frequency responses, scale factors, case materials, connector types, mounting options, and hazardous area approvals.


Seismic transmitters provide a 4-20mA DC signal output proportional to the vibration amplitude, and are ideal for applications where a PLC, DCS, or other automation system will be used instead of a stand-alone vibration monitor. Metrix offers seismic transmitters with a wide variety operating temperatures, frequency responses, scale factors, case materials, connector types, mounting options, and hazardous area approvals.


Seismic signal conditioners are designed to accept an input from (and provide power to) a seismic sensor. They convert the signal to a proportional 4-20mA DC signal that can be used as an input to process control instrumentation such as a PLC or DCS. They provide additional convenience features such as optional displays, BNC connectors for access to the dynamic sensor signal, and bandpass filtering. Metrix offers seismic signal conditioners that can accept either acceleration or velocity sensors, and are available with or without an integral display.

Electronic and mechanical vibration switches for overall vibration monitoring and trending without the necessity of complex systems. Models available with Hazardous Area Ratings and explosion-proof housing. Our state-of-the-art electronic switches are programmable to suit user needs.

Our electronic switches offer single or dual setpoints, adjustable time delays, external setpoint adjustments and more.

Meets all requirements in a single, affordable package.

Add-ons for our electronic and mechanical switches.

Whether you need a local display, alarm and shutdown capability, data recording, and the ability to communicate using Modbus over Ethernet TCP/IP; or you need to trend waveform and transient data to provide a predictive look at your machine’s condition, Metrix has a solution to meet your machinery monitoring requirements.


PHASE DYNAMICS is the leading manufacturer of precision Water Cut Analyzers for the real-time measurement of water in hydrocarbons flowing through pipelines in the Petroleum Industry. The product line includes Water Cut Analyzers and PPM Water Cut Analyzers. Phase Dynamics have supplied Analyzers to KSA since 1993.” Phase Dynamics is an innovative, stable, and conservative private corporation. Our corporate headquarters are a few miles North of Dallas in Richardson, Texas. With an extensive intellectual property portfolio to build upon, Phase Dynamics continues to push the boundaries in technology and product performance. The Company is known worldwide for its high quality products and professional support. Our large installed-base of products are in use by the major oil companies of the world. Many of our original Analyzers from the 1990's are still in operation today! Phase Dynamics is certified to ISO 9001:2008. A Phase Dynamics representative is available to collaborate in the selection of which product best fits your application.

Water Cut Analyzers

Water Cut Analyzers

Phase Dynamics Water-Cut Analysers are precision real-time instruments developed specifically for use in the oil industry to measure the amount of water in oil pipelines. The Analyzers, also referred to as BS&W meters or basic sediment and water meters, are used in many applications including fiscal transfer, production monitoring, and well testing. The product line is based on the innovative sensing technology of oscillator load-pull. As the mixture of flowing liquids passes through the measurement section, the oscillator senses the entire cross section of the material and instantaneously shifts in frequency as the material composition changes. This frequency shift is a direct measure of flowing material change within the measurement section. From a sensor technology perspective alone, Phase Dynamics sets the standard.

For two decades, Phase Dynamics has supplied this product family globally to the top names in the oil industry. It is selected for many reasons including quality, reputation, repeatability, and stability. In addition, each analyzer manufactured by Phase Dynamics is factory calibrated, tested, and inspected under rigorous standards. Electronic components receive factory burn-in cycles to further improve quality and service life. Thorough documentation practices make each analyzer fully traceable for future reference. The product family is highly customizable to meet the exact needs of the global market. Each Analyzer consists of a Measurement Section, an Electronics Enclosure Section, and an interconnecting system cable.

Measuring Range

Analyzers are available in six measurement range options to fit the application. For example, the Low Range Analyzer is typically used for custody transfer or pipeline applications whereas the Full Range is used for certain well testing and production applications where high water cut is present. The oscillators for each measurement range have been optimized to provide maximum load-pull to achieve best-in-class precision and repeatability.

Measurement uncertainty is expressed as the 95% confidence interval or two standard deviations. Oø denotes oil phase, Wø denotes water phase. Inversion refers to the phase change from water-in-oil to oil-in-water. The Full and High Range Analyzers offer Heuristic Salinity© as a product option to maximize measurement performance in applications where salinity change is also a process variable.

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CCM Multiphase Meters

CCM Multiphase Meters

The Compact Cyclone Multiphase Meters are real-time measuring systems for oil, gas, and water flowing from production wells. They are used both onshore and offshore for fast, accurate, and reliable well testing. Multiphase flow meters, sometimes referred to as MPFM, are used in place of traditional two phase and three phase test separators.

CCM Systems with vessel diameters from 12 to 52 inches have been delivered to cover an entire range of production from small oil wells to large gas wells. The CCM family is engineered by Phase Dynamics to meet the specific requirements for production and test separator applications. Since it is a separation system with real gas demisters it can handle wet gas measurements.

The CCM Meter is a technologically advanced way to efficiently separate gas from liquids and then accurately measure the amount of gas, oil, and water flowing before recombining the streams to the output flange. Efficient separation takes place through an advanced vessel design where tangential velocity typically creates a separation force in excess of 50 g's. The separated gas then passes through demisting elements to further dry the gas before it is routed to the gas meter. The separated liquids are then routed for liquid metering.

Phase Dynamics utilizes the highest quality components for the CCM Meter such as Fisher valves and actuators, and Micro Motion Coriolis meters. Water-in-oil is metered with a Full Range Phase Dynamics Water-Cut Analyzer equipped with the Heuristic Salinity© routine.

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KROHNE is a global leader in design, development and manufacturing of innovative and reliable process instrumentation; providing measurement solutions to all industries worldwide.

Founded in 1921 in Duisburg, Germany, KROHNE now employs more than 2,000 people worldwide, generating total sales of almost € 230 million in 14 production facilities and 40 subsidiaries and joint ventures. For example, KROHNE was the second company after VW with a joint venture in Shanghai. Today, China is one of KROHNE’s most important markets. With an equity-to-assets ratio of about 45%, KROHNE is financially independent.

KROHNE is an independent, family-owned company, striving to be a fair and trusted partner for customers, vendors and employees in times of rapidly changing markets. Our objective is to create customer confidence by providing excellent products, application solutions and services which generate real value. We strive to exceed our customer’s requirements and expectations for performance, quality, service and design.

Our customers, many of whom have been loyal to us for a great number of years, are active in the most varied branches of industry such as chemicals and petrochemicals, water and wastewater, food and beverages, pharmaceuticals, oil and gas, power plants, pulp and paper etc.


FLOW MEASUREMENT For The Highest Level Of Quality

KROHNE has unique expertise when it comes to flow measurement. And we don’t just demonstrate our ability with standard applications but also with applications that are demanding, requiring custom solutions. For us, customer orientation starts as early as research and development.

Many of our products which are considered today’s industrial standards, were developed in cooperation with our customers. Today, users around the world benefit from KROHNE innovation: Electromagnetic flowmeters with ceramic liners for highly corrosive media in chlorine chemistry. Mass flowmeters with just one straight tube – ideal for highly viscous media and low flow speeds. Ultrasonic flowmeters for custody transfer, working according to the time-offlight method. Vortex measuring devices with integrated pressure and temperature compensation. And variable area flowmeters: they established KROHNE’s business in 1921, today we can’t imagine KROHNE without them, if a local display is to ensure the redundancy and the certainty of the system.


KROHNE has unique expertise in the field of level measurement technology. We show our capabilities not only in standard applications, but also in applications which are considered challenging and which require tailor-made solutions. For us, customer orientation begins in the research and development phase. Many of the products, which are now considered industrial standards, were developed by us in cooperation with our customers.

Today, users benefit from KROHNE innovations: In 1990, KROHNE introduced the first process radar device and became the pioneer of using radar level measuring technology in process technology. In 1995, KROHNE also became the forerunner in the field of radar devices based on the TDR principle, using guided electromagnetic pulses. With the introduction of OPTIWAVE and OPTIFLEX in 2004, the market discovered the latest generation of radar and TDR technology.

These devices are characterized by their high accuracy and reliability, even in difficult applications, and by a unique, innovative operating philosophy. A complete series of level switches for liquids and solids and mechanical level meters round out the KROHNE level portfolio. Even for challenging applications, e.g. at the highest temperatures and pressures, KROHNE offers corresponding customer-specific solutions.


KROHNE industrial temperature assemblies meet all the requirements of the process industry: whether designed as Pt 100 resistance thermometers (RTD) or thermocouples (TC), they withstand high temperatures, extreme pressures and high flow velocities in both standard and demanding applications with harsh environmental conditions. We supply temperature sensors for all industries and applications, even for hazardous areas and safety applications (SIL).

Our OPTITEMP portfolio offers a wide range of temperature assemblies and transmitters for industrial process and OEM applications. This also includes a large selection of measuring inserts with various temperature sensors and accessories such as thermometer assemblies, connection heads and process connections.

OPTITEMP temperature measuring technology guarantees consistently high quality thanks to:

  certified materials

  construction in accordance with DIN standard

  careful processing

  in-process tests

  consistent final inspection

  quick response times and high measuring accuracy

In addition, you benefit from our many years of experience and application expertise: KROHNE INOR, a full subsidiary of KROHNE based in Malmö, Sweden, has been developing and producing temperature assemblies for industrial applications for over 75 years.

PRESSURE MEASUREMENT For Hygienic and Non-hygienic Applications

KROHNE has been known for outstanding quality and reliability of process measurement instrumentation for many decades. KROHNE is now extending its range of process instrumentation to include pressure measurement with the launch of the OPTIBAR range of pressure transmitters. These high performance pressure transmitters are tailored to a wide variety of industrial process applications.

ANALYSIS INSTRUMENTS From The Analysis To The Solution

KROHNE is your partner for all aspects of analytical application. From chemical, power, municipality and industrial wastewater applications as well as water treatment processes or inline analysis in hygienic applications: with the SMARTPAT, OPTISENS, OPTISYS and OPTIQUAD range of analytical devices and systems, KROHNE supplements the measurement of the physical parameters. Our main goals are attaining sturdiness, reliability and quality in the various application areas.

We will gladly assist you in the search for the optimum solution to your measurement task. Should it be necessary to specifically design a measuring system according to your requirements, we are able to modify our systems in line with your needs and include additional components.

GAS & STEAM MEASUREMENT Innovative Solutions in Gas & Steam Measurement.

Gas or steam is used in many process industries. When experiencing shortages of resources and rising energy prices it is more important to look at cost-effective, optimal usage. This is only possible with more accurate measurement of product volume. Parameters such as temperature and pressure must also be considered as information as these affect energy efficiency.

Only with pressure and temperature compensation can a true measurement be made which will lead to effective savings. To achieve increased effi ciency in a plant, additional parameters such as measurement errors, leakage, pressure loss and maintenance should be taken into consideration. This is especially true when incorrect measurement techniques are used which can lead to increased pump loads to achieve the process pressures. Unknown or changing process conditions can cause major measurement errors which can have a devastating effect on costs.



FLUENTA is the world leader in ultrasonic flare metering, headquartered in Bergen, Norway. Fluenta have more than 850 ultrasonic flare metering systems in operation worldwide. Fluenta have offices in Paris, Dubai and Houston.

The Fluenta Flare Gas Meter is the most robust and accurate flare meter on the market today able to cover higher velocity ranges than any other flare meter. It is an essential monitoring tool for E&P operators.


Delivering safety and accuracy to the Oil & Gas industry around the world, Fluenta’s non-intrusive ultrasound technology, combined with bespoke patented measurement techniques, are recognised for their accuracy and reliability. Read more...


Fluenta products help the chemical industry to more effectively sense, measure and monitor gas flow, particularly under high pressure, providing the accurate information necessary to make more effective decisions. Read more...


Delivering cost savings and regulatory compliance benefits to the LNG industry, Fluenta enables accurate measurement at extended high and low temperatures as well as in large pipe diameters or where high levels of CO2 or hydrogen are present. Read more...

WHY FLUENTA FGM160?  Accurate Information for Better Decision

Detector Electronics Corporation, a UTC Fire and Security Company, is a global leader in industrial hazard safety solutions, providing fire detection, gas detection, and hazard mitigation systems for critical industrial applications. We design, build, test, and commission SIL-2 flame and gas safety systems that range from conventional panels to fault-tolerant, addressable systems. Our flame and gas detectors are globally certified to the latest product approval standards.

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Manufacturer of Calibration Equipment and testbench. Offers a complete range of testbenches for test measurement and calibration applications in the industry.

Different types of Portable calibrators can be supplied depending on the customer specifications and ranges, with or without supply source. Portable calibrators manufactured by TRADINCO can be categorized to Pressure and Temperature.


TURCK is your global, customer-oriented premium partner for reliable, industry-specific automation solutions. With leading-edge technologies, wide knowledge and direct proximity to our customers we optimize your long-term success. Providing more than 15.000 sensor, interface, connectivity and fieldbus technology products, as well as HMI/PLC solutions and RFID systems, Turck offers highly efficient solutions for factory and process automation.


Sensors provide important information for almost all areas of industrial automation, such as digital and analog position signals, currents, flow rates, temperatures, paths, and angle. As a co-founder and pioneer of modern sensor technology, TURCK offers the appropriate range of products. You can choose from more than 5,000 proximity switches, photoelectric, flow and position sensors to implement your made-to-measure solutions.


Inductive sensors detect metal objects contactless and wear-free. For this, they use a high-frequency electromagnetic AC field that interacts with the target. Their strengths are the enormous durability, reliability, high switching frequencies and a long service life. Through a unique coil concept the uprox® sensors offer the highest switching distance, factor 1 for all metals and, right from the start, the highest operational safety through simple and safe installation.


Capacitive sensors work contactless, reactionless and wear-free. They are highly sensitive and designed for contactless and wear-free detection of electrically conductive as well as non-conductive objects. They also capture filling levels of liquids or bulk goods. In addition to positioning measurement, the sensors are also deployed for control of overflow and leakage as well as run-dry protection of pumps.


Ultrasonic sensors detect a multitude of objects contactless and wear-free with ultrasonic waves. It does not matter whether the object is transparent or opaque, metallic or non-metallic, firm, liquid or powdery. TURCK ultrasonic sensors are available in many different designs, coverages, cone angles and output types. Most of them feature temperature compensation, noise suppression and a connection cable for auto-synchronization (protection against crosstalk).


Optoelectronic sensors use visible or infrared light to detect many different kinds of objects, regardless of their quality and consistency. Whether standard or programmable multifunctional versions, compact devices or devices with external amplifier etc., each sensor has special features suited for different applications – TURCK offers you the largest range of optoelectronic solutions worldwide.


With the vision systems of the PresencePLUS-series TURCK offers a selection of compact, high-performance image sensors for camera-based inspection and identification tasks. The compact vision sensor iVU closes the gap between the imaging equipment and the sensor level. The iVu sensor can be parametrized directly via an internal touch screen and is thus the solution for many applications, which otherwise would only be very complex to realize by using a large number of normal sensors.


Magnetic field sensors are activated by magnetic fields and are used, in particular, for the detection of the piston position in pneumatic cylinders. Using a patented operating principle, the magnetic field sensors from TURCK can be mounted on any type of standard cylinder, where they capture permanent magnets on pistons error-free. The sensors operate wear-free, are short-circuit proof, rugged and IP67 rated. We also offer solutions for use in welding or hazardous areas as well as for analog queries.


The radar sensors of the QT50 and Q120 series can be used under almost all environmental and climatic conditions. They use FMCW technology (Frequency Modulated Continuous Wave) to detect stationary and moving objects, such as cranes, cars, trains, trucks and cargo.

RFID – Radio Frequency Identifications

With BL ident®, the modular RFID system from TURCK, you can use the proven HF-technology and the wide-reaching UHF-technology in parallel in one identification solution. The BL ident® system offers data carriers, read/write heads, connectivity solutions and interfaces (complete sets with gateway and plug-in RFID modules), which can be combined flexibly depending on the requirements. You have fieldbus interfaces for PROFIBUS-DP, DeviceNet™, CANopen, Ethernet/IP, EtherCAT®, PROFINET and Modbus TCP

CABLES and Connectivities

For use in rough industrial environments, Binzagr offers standardized and customized components for all requirements. The portfolio of connectivity products comprises male and female connectors, flanges and cable bushings, connection and extension cables, fieldbus lines and junction boxes in many designs and variants. Field-wireable types complement the product range, allowing you to use them with your own cable

IO – Systems

BINZAGR offers The modular fieldbus and I/O-systems from TURCK which gives comprehensive range of solutions for factory and process automation with interfaces for the fieldbus protocols PROFIBUS-DP, DeviceNet™, CANopen, Modbus TCP, Ethernet/IP™ and PROFINET. excom® is an I/O-system in IP20 for Ex and non-Ex areas. You can plan and implement tailor-made solutions for the I/O IP20 area with the universal BL20 bus terminal system. The modular IP67 fieldbus systems BL67 and piconet® can be mounted directly in the field.


Take advantage of the flexibility and versatility the TURCK interface product portfolio offers: Compact designs, a choice of different operating concepts and configurations, as well as a wide range of features for separating, conditioning, processing, converting and adapting digital and analog signals - available as 1 to 4-channel versions, for Ex and non-Ex applications. You get interface solutions in the required design and with the functionality you need for your application.


Control and monitor your production seamlessly and comfortable. TURCK has the right automation solution for you - such as programmable gateways, as well as HMI operator panels and controls.

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