For our impeccable safety record, CHEVRON PHILLIPS awards BFIM "Year 2016 Contractor Safety Excellence Award"...

Industrial Division


BFIM locally manufactures the renowned ANH range of Refractory Castables and Wet Mortars under license from Harbison Walker International, USA, and Superfold TM /Z Blok Ceramic Fiber Modules under license of Thorpe Products Company USA. bfim also has more than 30 years of experience in Refractory Design, Engineering, Installation & Thermal Dry Out for various furnaces in the Kingdom. BFIM has also successfully executed various fireproofing jobs. The well equipped refractory laboratory carries out various refractory sample testing.

With BFIM, Design of Refractory Lining, Technical Assistance, Supply of fresh materials and Installations, all are available from a single source. The customers need not worry about shelf life or air freight costs and delays during shutdown.


  Projects (includes turnkey insulation contracts which last for six months to two years)

  Maintenance (includes direct unit rate maintenance contracts and supplementary maintenance work for projects)

  Direct orders (trading sales)

Our Products

GREEN CAST 97High Alumina (97%) Castable for high temperature application (1870 C). HigH resistance to chemical attacks with good strength.Burner, Flare Tips, Waste Heat Boiler
GREEN CAST 94High Alumina (94%) Castable for high temperature application (1870 C). High resistance to impact, abrasion & chemical attacks.WHB, Thermal Oxidizer, Flare Tip, Burner, Reformers.
KAST O LITE 25Insulating castable with low density, good strength and good thermal shock resistance.Stacks, SRU Back Up, Reactors Back Up, Ducts, Heaters Floor,
MIZZOUVersatile 60% Alumina Dense castable with low iron suitable for use up to 1650 CCombustion chambers, air heaters, boilers, Precast blocks.
VSL 50Low iron insulating castable to use up to 1260 CReformer, Transfer Lines, Catofin reactors and Heaters
GREEN LITE 45 LGInsulating castable up to 1370 C can be used by gunning, good strength to density ratioFCCU, Fluid Coking Units, Reactors.
KAST O LITE 23 LIInsulating castable with low iron for use in reducing conditions up to 1260 CReformer, Transfer Lines, Catofin reactors and Heaters
HTGHigh Temperature Gunning up to 1600 C with high flow and low reboundConverter, Condenser, SRU
KAST O LITE 30 LI GRHigh Alumina Lightweight Insulating Castable up to 1650 CReaction Furnace Back Up, SRU
KAST O LITE 97 LI95% Alumina Insulating castable up to 1800°CWHB Tube Sheet,
VERSAFLOW 45 PLUS45% alumina Fireclay based low cement castable for use in high abrasion environments up to 1480°C.Boilers, Incinerators
VERSAFLOW 55 AR C ADTECHA 55% Alumina Alabama Bauxite castable with high alkali resitance and abrasion resistance, to use upto 1650 C tempretureIncinerator Charging Zones, Burners, Ladle Covers, Tundish Covers
VERSAFLOW 70 C ADTECHCoarse 70% Alumina low cement castable with high hot strengths, to use up to 1370°C.Incinerator Charging Zones, Burners, Tundish Safety Lining, Aluminium Furnaces
GREENTEC 170 LGLow Cement Gunning Mix with high hot strength & abrasion resitance, to use up to 1700 CLiquid Incinerator Steel applications
SAIRSET MORTARWet, High-Strength, Air-Setting, High-Temperature MortarJoining Fireclay & High Alumina brickwork

Our Services


BFIM, in partnership with Harbison Walker International, locally manufacture under license of renowned ANH range of Refractory Castables and Wet Mortars offering short lead times and optimum freshness for items which have a limited Shelf life. ANH family includes A.P Green, North American Refractories and Harbison Walker Refractories. The production facility is at Rahima (near Ras Tanura) in Eastern Province, KSA.


BFIM provides Refractory Design, Engineering & Heat Calculations for various types of furnaces. These are backed up by our own Engineering skills and experience and the technical support of Harbison Walker International, Liptack Bradley etc. This includes greenfield construction, plant modernization and advanced engineering needs of existing facilities. These services include the benefits of end-to-end delivery of refractories: drawings, products, and installation with meticulous attention to details.


BFIM regularly undertakes repair, re-lining, shutdown and turnkey contracts for refractory installation works, with technical back up from Liptak Bradley, NG Johnson & HWI to provide the best quality work within the scheduled time. BFIM has large pool of skilled Engineers & Applicators and state of the art Installation Equipments to deliver quality installations & dry out in least time.


BFIM undertakes various fireproofing jobs for structures and equipments in Petrochemical and Oil & Gas plants. We have latest fireproofing machines and a skilled crew who have successfully executed big project jobs.


BFIM regularly undertakes thermal dry out of various refractory linings after completion of refractory installation. We are equipped with all modern equipments like high intensity burners, high capacity compressors etc and experienced engineers and technicians.


BFIM has a well equipped laboratory at Rahima with all latest equipments for the following tests.

  Bulk Density (up to 1600 C)

  Cold Crushing Strength (up to 1600 C)

  Sieve Analysis

  Permanent Linear Change (up to 1600 C)

Refractory Work References

1252016Brick Installation @ Inlet Burn Pit F-944 T&I 172K at HGPSaudi Aramco, Hawaiyah Gas Plant
1242016Repair & Replacement of Fire Bricks at Inlet Area at HGPSaudi Aramco, Hawaiyah Gas Plant
1232016Repair Concrite/Refractory for Sulfer # 1 T&ISaudi Aramco, Shedgum Gas Plant
1222016Refractory Repair work at Flares stackSaudi Aramco, Shedgum Gas Plant
1212016Refractory Repair Work at Hawiyah NGL Recovery #6510738417 Thermal Oxidizer Repair workSaudi Aramco, NGL, Hawaiyah
1202016Designing, Supply & Installation of the Burn Pit Saudi Aramco MiyadanLarsen & Toubro – Saudi Aramco, Midyan
1192016Berri Gas Plant Thermal Oxidizer Refractory Relining workSaudi Aramco, Berri Gas Plant
1182016additional fireproofing work @ ShaybahSaudi Aramco, Hawaiyah Gas Plant
1172016Repair & damager fireproofing work @ HGPSaudi Aramco, Hawaiyah Gas Plant
1162016Refractory Repair work @ HARADH GAS PLANTSaudi Aramco, Haradh Gas Plant
1152016Refractory Installaion work for unit 1~4, Doosan Power Plant, RabighDOOSAN, RABIGH
1142016Repair Concrite/Refractory for Sulfer # 5 T&ISaudi Aramco, Shedgum Gas Plant
1132016SAIPEM PO#1064721 Fireproofing Works at Rabigh Project (RP2)SAIPEM-RABIGH2
1122016Petrojet Lubref Reformer Refractory Lining work at YanbuPETROJET-LUBREF-SAMSUNG
1112016Berri Gas Plant Reaction Furnace Refractory Replacement workSaudi Aramco, Berri Gas Plant
1102016MFC #6510671184 for Refractory Replacement work at the Thermal Oxidizer 4 & 5, UGPSaudi Aramco, Uthmaniyah Gas Plant
1092016SABIC additional PO# 4501638939 for Internal Module Repair of Convection Furnace, Petro-KemyaSABIC, PETRO-KEMYA
1082016DAELIM Contract#KEMEYA IK-SC-011 for the Refractory work at Saudi Elastomers ProjectDAELIM-KEMYA
1072016Refractory work at Aromatic & Naptha Heaters at Rabigh2ARCC-Rabigh
1062015Saudi Chevron Total T&I, 2015 Furnaces, Heaters & BoilersSaudi Chevron
1052015Rabigh Refinery Total T&I, 2015 Refractory Repair Work at Heaters, Reformers, Boilers, Thermal Reactor, Oxidizer and Converter etc Rabigh Refinery
1042015Refractory work at MHI Boilers at Rabigh2MHI-Rabigh2
1032015Refractory work at LUBREF -SAMSUNG HeatersSAMSUNG LUBREF
1022015Refractory work at LUBREF ReformerPETROJET-LUBREF
1012014Refractory work at Saudi Chevron Cracker Furnace through Maint. ContractSaudi Chevron
1002014Refractory work at JUPC Furnace 9ARCC
992014Refractory Replacement work at the Thermal Oxidizer 4 & 5, SA Contract No#6510671184Saudi Aramco, Uthmaniyah Gas Plant
982014Refractory Repair work at the Boiler F-104, HGP, SA Contract No #6510672253Saudi Aramco, Hawaiyah Gas Plant
972014Refractory Repair work at the Boiler F-103, HGP SA Contract No# 6510672288Saudi Aramco, Hawaiyah Gas Plant
962014Refractory Repair Gunite Method on Boiler F-104, UGP against the Contract #6510663280Saudi Aramco, Uthmaniyah Gas Plant
952014Refractory Casting Work at the Converter bottom section 475-D-213 , Berri Gas Plant. PR#10995788Saudi Aramco, Berri Gas Plant
942014Internal Module Repair of Convection Furnace, Petro-Kemya SABIC PO# 4501638939PETRO-KEMYA, SABIC
932014D80-S-930 Burn Pit Refractory Repair work, Haradh Gas Plant SAUDI ARAMCO PO#6510663828Saudi Aramco, haradh Gas Plant
922014Refractory Work at SRU - 4, UGP SAUDI ARAMCO PO#6510643785Saudi Aramco, Uthmaniyah Gas Plant
912014Refractory work at Air-Pre Heater F-401, SGP SAUDI ARAMCO PO#6510602985Saudi Aramco, Shedgum Gas Plant
902014Refractory & Thermal Dry-Out work at Saudi Elastomer Project - 500T Reactors, Tail Gas Boilers, TGB Stack, Tail Gas Combustors. Dryer Drum etc at DAELIM-Kemya against the Contract#KEMEYA IK-SC-011DAELIM, SAUDI ELASTOMERS PROJECT
892014Refractory Repair Gunite Method on Boiler F-104, UGP against the Contract #6510601426Saudi Aramco, Uthmaniyah Gas Plant
882014Refractory Repair Gunite Method on Boiler F-101, UGP against the Contract#6510601425Saudi Aramco, Uthmaniyah Gas Plant
872014Refractory Module & Blanket Lining work at the cracker furnace, TASNEE against the Contract #228812NB/20ARCC
852014Boilers F-101 & F-104 Refractory work at Hawiyah Gas Plant against the contract #6510611944Saudi Aramco, Hawaiyah Gas Plant
842014Supplying of the Refractory Specialist (Mr. Tim Murray) at IBB TA 14 -AM against the PO# 4501483851IBB, SABIC
832014Refractory Repair Work at the Burn Pit, Heater F-404 and Gas train 1 by pass at Haradh Gas Plant against the contract #6510601178Saudi Aramco, Haradh Gas Plant
822014Reaction Furnace Refractory Dismentalling work and F572- Refractory Chock Ring Replacement work at KGP against the Contract #6000095838Saudi Aramco, Khursaniyah Gas Plant
812014Refractory work at SRU#4 T & 1, 2014, HGP and Ceramic Fiber Blanket Lining work at Acid Gas Pre Heater F-102 against of your Contract#6510638660 dated January 13, 2014.Saudi Aramco, Hawaiyah Gas Plant
802014Refractory replacement work Hot Face Lining of the Reaction Furnace F-303 at BGP against the Contract #6510651560Saudi Aramco, Berri Gas Plant
792014Refractory & Thermal Dry-Out work of BR-0911A- Reactor Nozzle and Additional Refractory Repair Work of BR-0911C- Reactor Nozzle at Petro -Kemya, SABIC PO#4501517153PETRO-KEMYA, SABIC
782014Carbon Brick Lining work at SAMPCO SAHARA, STEULER DAELIM against the PO#228812NB/20STEULER, SAHARA
772014Supply of the Refractory Materials & Specialist at Petro-Kemya, Cape RBH PO#10467Cape RBH
762014Coating storage area Dolit LF Coating at DAELIM Port Project,DAELIM
752014Refractory Gunning work at SRU#1, UGP against SA Contract#6510585794Saudi Aramco, Uthmaniyah Gas Plant
742014Desiging and relining of the Refractory Materials at Aluminium Furnace #1 & 2 , ALUPCOALUPCO, Dammam
732013J87, J88 & J89 Refractory System Repair/Replacement work at Ras Tanura Refinery, SA Contract No#6510579925Saudi Aramco, Ras Tanura Refinery
722014Yanbu Aramco Sinopec Refining Company, YERP 3 GASOLINE Radiant Walls Ceamic Fiber Blanket Lining & Scaffolding work at Charge Heater & No. 1 Inter-heater (118-F-0001 and 118-F0002), No. 2 & No. 3 Inter-heaters (118-F-0003 and 118-F-0004), SR Naptha Charge Heater (116-F-0001), Combined Feed Heater (111-F-1001/111-F-2001) and Stripper Re-boiler (111-F-0002)DAELIM
712014Yanbu Aramco Sinopec Refining Company, YERP 3 GASOLINE Refractory work at Charge Heater & No. 1 Inter-heater (118-F-0001 and 118-F0002), No. 2 & No. 3 Inter-heaters (118-F-0003 and 118-F-0004), SR Naptha Charge Heater (116-F-0001), Combined Feed Heater (111-F-1001/111-F-2001) and Stripper Re-boiler (111-F-02) floor refractory lining work against the contract #TCC-RFP/YERP-115Third Chemical Engineering Const. Co. of China (TCC)
702014Complete Refractory & Thermal Dry-Out work at SRU Furnaces - Thermal Reactor, Incinerator, Waste Heat Boiler, Converter. Condenser, Pipe Spools etc EPC-3, DAELIM, YASREFSaudi Aramco-YASREF, Yanbu
692013Plant 48 General Refractory Repair work at RTR , SA Contract No #6510543072Saudi Aramco, Ras Tanura Refinery
682013Thermal Oxidizers Refractory Repair @SRU#5, UGP against SA contract #6510584515Saudi Aramco, Uthmaniyah Gas Plant
672013Refractory Gunning work at SRU#5, UGP against SA Contract #6510572538Saudi Aramco, Uthmaniyah Gas Plant
662013Refractory work at High Pressure Boiler#10 at RTR against the PO#6510572538Saudi Aramco, Ras Tanura Refinery
652012Refractory Castable lining work at Irradiation Shelter, Manifa Gas Plant.Eastern Trading & Contracting Est, Manifa.
642012Refractory work at Three Thermal Reactor, Three Thermal Incinerator & Three WHB at DAELIM Package-2BDAELIM
632012MMG KARAN Auxiliary Boiler Refractory WorkMMG/PETROFAC
622012Refractory Replacement work at Boiler F-104, UGP against SA contract#6510525736Saudi Aramco, Uthmaniyah Gas Plant
612012Refractory Work at Cooker units at JERP, Package-4Sungchang & Abdullah Al-Shaikh Contracting Co.,Ltd
602012Castable & Ceramic Fiber Materials Lining Work at the Two Boilers SEPCOIIISEPCO III
592012Refractory Repair work at the Samsung -Sulfur Pit, RTRSamsung Saudi Arabia
582012Refractory Brick Lining work at the Burn Pit, Manifa Core Hydrocarbon Facilities, Saudi AramcoEastern Trading & Contracting Est.
572012Complete Refractory & Insulation Replacement work at the Ghazlan Power Plant Boiler 1 & 2.Olayan Descon/Raymond Saudi Arabia Ltd.
562012Refractory Castable Work For Boiler -007 & 008 at Saudi Aramco, TanajibMaritime Industrial Services Arabia Co. Ltd
552012Refractory work at 5 Number Burners at SRU-1, 2 & 3 at SASREF.Al-Hammam Company
542012Supply & Installation of the Refractory Materials for 42 Inch. Diameter Pipe X 68.8 M Long X 50 mm Thick Lining at SRU-2, SASREF & Thermal Dry-Out of the Installed Castable at 6 Nos Segments.SASREF
532011Refractory work including scaffolding total T&I, 2011 Yanbu RefinerySaudi Aramco, Yanbu Refinery
522011Refractory work at Ibn Sina Boilers MB202 & MB201SABIC, IBN SINA
512011Refractory Services at Berri Gas Plant against Saudi AramcoPO#6510508558Saudi Aramco, Berri Gas Plant
502011Refractory Work at HPB#9 at Saudi Aramco Ras Tanura Refinery, PO#6510494150Saudi Aramco, Ras Tanura Refinery
492011Refractory Repair at Boiler, Uthmaniya Gas plant, SA PO#6510482414Saudi Aramco, Uthmaniya Gas Plant.
482011Supply & Installation of the Refractory Materials at the Burn Pit#1, UGP, PO#6510472276.Saudi Aramco, UGP
472011Supply & application of the Refractory Materials at YANPET, BoilerOlayan Descon Industrial
462011Scaffolding, Refractory & Insulation Works at 8 Crackers during the T&I, 2011, Petro RabighGlobal Sources Co
452011Supply & Application of the Refractory Materials T & I, 2011 & total Replacement of the Refractory Materials in 2 Nos Crude Heater Convection Sections, SRU Furnaces Contract Number #10011398 and Thermal Dry-Out WorkPetro Rabigh Refinery
442011Acid Resistant Refractory Lining at Sulfur Pit at RTRSamsung Saudi Arabia
432011Supply & application of the Refractory Materials at NATPET, 2 BoilersOlayan Descon Industrial
422011Refractory Repair at Boiler#4, Uthmaniya Gas plantSaudi Aramco, Uthmaniya Gas Plant.
412011Refractory Work at High Pressure Boilers at RTR against the PO#6510471427Saudi Aramco, Ras Tanura Refinery
402011Supply & Installation of the Refractory Materials at Ghazlan Power Plant Boiler#3 & Boiler#4Olayan Descon Industrial
392011Castable refractory and brick work at Thermal Oxidizer-1, Hawiyah Gas plantSaudi Aramco, Hawiyah Gas Plant.
382011Refractory Repair work at SRU-2, Uthmaniya Gas plant, PO#6510466441Saudi Aramco, Uthmaniya Gas Plant.
372011Total Refractory Replacement work & Thermal Dry-Out Work at Thermal Oxidizers 1 & 2, Hawiyah Gas Plant,PO#450328115Saudi Aramco, Hawiyah Gas Plant.
362010Refractory work at SGP & UGP 9 Number CondensersSaudi Aramco, SGP & UGP
352010Refractory work at Khursaniya Gas plantSaudi Aramco, Khursaniyah Gas plant
342010Refractory Work at the Reaction Furnace, SRU#2, PO#4600000667Petro Rabigh Refinery
332010Refractory Work at the Reaction Furnace, SRU#1, PO#4600000636Petro Rabigh Refinery
322010Refractory Repair work at Boiler, UGPSaudi Aramco, Uthmaniya Gas Plant.
312010Thermal Oxidizers /Refractory at SRU-1, 2 & 3Saudi Aramco, Uthmaniya Gas Plant.
302010Refractory Repair on GT #6, HawiyahSaudi Aramco, Hawiyah Gas Plant.
292010Refractory work at Thermal Oxidizer, Harad Gas Plant.Saudi Aramco, Harad Gas Plant.
282010Refractory Work at Waste Liquid Incinerator. JUPC, PO#4500740416JUPC
272010Refractory repair work at Boiler, Uthmaniya Gas PltSaudi Aramco, Uthmaniya Gas Plant.
262010Refractory work at Hawiyah Gas Plant Gas Treat.Saudi Aramco, Hawiyah Gas Plant.
252010Burner Tube Refractory work at HNGLPDHNGLPD, Hawiyah
242010Refractory work at Sulfur Plant, SGP & UGPIMAD CO
232010Refractory Tank Repair at SADAF.SADAF, SABIC
222010Refractory Work at Boiler F-106, Uthmaniya Gas PlantSaudi Aramco, Uthmaniya Gas Plant.
212010Refractory Work at GT-6, Hawiyah Gas PlantSaudi Aramco, Hawiyah Gas Plant.
202010Major Refractory Repair Work at Module-C, HADEEDHADEED, SABIC
192010Refractory work at Plant-15, Saudi Aramco Ras Tanura Refinery PO#6510397359Saudi Aramco, Ras Tanura Refinery
182010Refractory Work at Utility Boiler, Saudi Aramco, Ras Tanura RefinerySaudi Aramco, Ras Tanura Refinery
172010Refractory Repair at Arabian Pipe CoationgArabian Pipecoating Co. Ltd. Jubail
162009Refractory Repair at SADAF for Tank RepairSADAF, SABIC
152010Refractory Work at Abu Ali Flare Tips at BFIM Rahima YardMohammed Masoud
142009Refractory Work for Burner Tube at M/S, SAFAMI YARD.SAFAMI
132009Refractory Work at MB-1 Boiler Burner, IBN SINAIBN SINA, SABIC
122009Refractory work at Flare Tip at Saudi Aramco HNGLPD PO#6510406189Saudi Aramco, Hawiyah Recovery Plant
112009Refractory work at J-06, Saudi Aramco Ras Tanura Refinery PO#6510374380Saudi Aramco, Ras Tanura Refinery
102009Refractory wotk at J-72, Saudi Aramco Ras Tanura Refinery PO#6510375531Saudi Aramco, Ras Tanura Refinery
92009Refractory work at J-80, Saudi Aramco Ras Tanura Refinery, PO#6510364604Saudi Aramco, Ras Tanura Refinery
82009Refractory work at J-85, Saudi Aramco Ras Tanura Refinery, PO#6510364605Saudi Aramco, Ras Tanura Refinery
72009Supply and installation of Refractory Materials at Burner TubesArabian Pipecoating Co. Ltd. Jubail
62009Oven Insulation & Refractory Work at Arabian Pipe CoatingArabian Pipecoating Co. Ltd. Jubail
52009Supply and Installation of Refractory Materials at Saudi Aramco 84" Flare Tip at MIS YardMaritime Industrial Services Arabia Co. Ltd
42010Refractory Coating/Gunning work Ras Tanura, DHT Project.Samsung Saudi Arabia
32009Supply and Installation of Refractory & Insulation Materials at MB-1 Boiler, IBN SINAH. K. Al Sadiq Sons Contr. Co. Ltd
22008Refractory Work at Boiler, Berri Gas PlantSaudi Aramco, Berri Gas Plant
12008Refractory Work at F-2A, Berri Gas PlantSaudi Aramco, Berri Gas Plant

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