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BFIM Painting offers a full range of industrial coating and lining applications, including Anti-Corrosion and Lining for Concrete Surfaces.

Shop Painting: Spools, Supports, Equipment, and Steel Structure.

Site Painting: Touchup Works at Job Site.

Aramco Approved  Painter , Blaster and Crew provides best Practice & new application technologies combined with years of experience have earned BFIM the reputation for being a painting contractor specializing in industrial applications in the Saudi Market today.

Whatever the material to be protected from the effects of a fire the principles are the same, namely, to prevent the rise in temperature of the protected substrate to maintain its structural integrity.

Fire protection gives you TIME to escape and TIME to extinguish the fire reducing damage to the asset and its surroundings. Due to the different nature of fire types and standards, the correct product selection is critical.

Product we Deal for Cementious Fireproofing as per UL 1709: Avicote 850/650, Fendolite M11, Isolatek and Pyrocrete 40.

Product we Deal for Cementious Fireproofing as per UL 1709: Chartek 2218, and Jotachar.

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