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Bitco is one of the leading industrial vendor and local representative of global leader OEM patent technologies and solutions for the oil and gas, energy, petrochemical, utility, mining and other important industries of Saudi Arabia, providing locally products and services mostly in mechanical, electrical, safety and technology equipment scopes. The portfolio range is wide from rotating and static equipment, severe and general service valves, choke valves, pressure relief and pilot operated valves, instrumentation valves and manifolds, to fire and gas products and solutions and the qualified technical sales and support team is offering in-house an on-site support for the clients 24/7 in the Eastern Province, the Central Region and Yanbu. The Jubail assembly plant facility is approved by the leading energy industries for general valve services and maintenance of motorized control valves, chokes valves mechanical valves, pilot operated valves, safety valves, and instrumentation valves and manifolds. The qualified experts operate the assembly, repair, testing, painting processes and machining of mechanical equipment, based on the international OEM brand’s highest quality standards, and have ASME/UV/NB/VR/API licenses.

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