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AS-Schneider (Germany)

is one of the World‘s Leading Manufacturers of Instrumentation Products such as E Series Valves and Manifolds, Gauge Valves and Pressure Gauge Accessories, Soft Seated Valves and Manifold.

Leser GmbH (Germany)

Is the largest manufacturer of safety valves in Europe and a leader in its market worldwide. LESER safety valves are used by leading companies in industries such as chemical, petrochemical, industrial gases, oil and gas production, and machine building, as well as the food and pharmaceutical industry. LESER offers spring-loaded and pilot-operated safety valves for all industrial applications according to PED and ASME VIII as well as application-based solutions for special requirements.

Nihon Koso (Japan)                

Koso, KentIntrol, Parcol: Control and choke valve manufacturer since 1967. They engineer and supply high-quality valves to perform in some of the most severe service conditions throughout the world. As experienced valve manufacturers, KentIntrol built a reputation for providing high-performance products that can be found right across the globe and are backed by first-class technical expertise and professional aftersales service.

Mogas (USA)

Manufactures dependable severe service ball valves for power plants, refining and petrochemical processes, and oil & gas and mining industries worldwide.

Rembe (Germany) High quality rupture disc manufacturer.

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